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Lifestyle Garage Screen Doors

Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to watch the game, a safe space for your kids to play, or a quiet place to work from home, our garage screen doors provide the versatility and functionality you need. Don't let your garage go to waste - upgrade to a garage screen door today and transform your space into a true extension of your home!

Goodbye buys - Hello privacy!


A garage screen door allows fresh air to circulate through your space, decreases humidity and odors while providing a cooler and more comfortable environment for your choice of activity.

Pest Control

Let the bug zapper rest while your new garage door screen does the work for you. I hear it all the time, "We are in San Diego, there is no bugs in San Diego, not like the mid west."  Well this maybe true but i still find myself being pestered with one or two blind flying insects that always manage to crash in my hair when sitting next to a lit area at night and i do not like it.  If its a hot summer night and opening a window just isnt the same as opening a whole wall for fresh cool air, i do not want any bugs touching me while i am relaxing to a great sci fi show.   


The screen door can morph your garage into the space you dream of. Want an office space without sacrificing a bedroom? Home gym? She-shed or ManCave? Then a screen door is a must!

Energy Efficiency

With the ability to open up your home and allow fresh air flow, the air conditioner can take a break, and put some money back in your pocket.

Increased Privacy

Every neighborhood has their share of noisy neighbors but dont let that stop you from having the lifestyle you want.  Our privacy screen eliminates the ability to see in but you can see out perfectly during the day time.  Night time who cares your having too much fun to care what they think.  Another Margarita please.

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