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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

From fixing broken springs and cables to repairing damaged panels, the experts at Great American Door and Screen can diagnose and fix a variety of issues to ensure that your garage door is running smoothly and reliably. Regular maintenance and repair services can also help to extend the lifespan of your garage door and prevent costly repairs in the future. Contact us today to get the help you need!

Common repairs 

There are a large number of accidents, breaks and squeaks that could be troubling your garage door, whatever it is, we got you. Below is a list of the more common occurances that we encounter frequently, but is by no means an all inclusive list.


Ah, the sweet sound of silence. Finally, a chance to catch some much-needed shut-eye. But wait, what's that noise? Is that a gunshot? A firecracker? No, it's just your garage door spring deciding to snap in the middle of the night like a rebellious teenager. You try to convince yourself that it's just a bad dream, but no amount of counting sheep can drown out the metallic clanging and banging. And of course, being the DIY expert you are, you decide to tackle the issue yourself, armed with nothing but a YouTube tutorial and a can-do attitude. It's like trying to wrestle an angry crocodile in the dark, but hey, at least you're getting your adrenaline fix for the day. 


We can have them replaced in about an hour's time, giving you at least another 5 years before your next midnight heart attack. For those with weaker hearts who startle more easily, we recommend the spring upgrade with a 10 year warranty. 


Who needs a gym membership when you can get a full arm workout wrestling with those unruly cables? It's like a high-stakes game of Operation, except instead of removing body parts, you're just trying to keep your garage door from collapsing on your car. Do I even need to mention the "fun" of trying to navigate the instruction manual written in hieroglyphics. All in all, it's a real hootenanny of a time. Why plan a trip to Disneyland when you can have a garage door cable replacement adventure in the comfort of your own home?

Save yourself and the car, hire the professionals.

Malfunctioning Opener

Oh boy, looks like it's time for another game of "guess the code"! Will it open on the first try, second, third times a charm? Or will it just stubbornly refuse to budge, leaving you stranded in your driveway like a lost puppy? And of course, there's always that one neighbor who manages to open their garage door flawlessly every time, making you feel like a complete amateur. You try everything from replacing the batteries to sacrificing a goat to the garage door gods, but nothing seems to work.


That's where we come in to save the day like the neighborhood Superhero, minus the spandex.

Misaligned Track

Ah, the joys of a misaligned garage door track, your garage door has decided to take a detour from its usual path and explore uncharted territory. Will it end up in your neighbor's yard? In the middle of the street? Who knows! Every time you try to open or close the door, it feels like you're sending it on a death-defying mission. Naturally, it always happens at the most inconvenient times, like when you're already running late for work or when your in-laws are about to arrive for a visit. Who needs a functioning garage door anyway, right? It's not like we rely on it to protect our cars or anything.

Did we mention we offer emergency repair services?

Routine Garage Door Maintenance

Let's face it, nobody wants to spend their weekends knee-deep in garage door dust dirt  and grime, unless your idea of a good time is getting covered head-to-toe in cob webs and years of garage dust. Sure, you could spend hours trying to figure out which parts need lubrication and which bolts need tightening, but why bother when you could be making that first hole in one on the golf course?  You never know!   And let's not forget the potential dangers of DIY maintenance, like a spring breaking while adjusting it giving you a whole new look. Trust us, you don't want to end up in the emergency room trying to explain how the garage door tried to kill you, unless you get your own room with an 80" flat screen and a self medicating button.  Anyone who works with garage doors has his/her war story, we dont want you to be one of them.  By all means do the lubricating part but if adjustments are needed call your professional.  All lives matter to us. 

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